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Deep sorrow of the departure of activist Kerinci M.Alfadli Abbas

Kerinci, Thursday Thursday evening Kerinci was covered with sorrow with the departure of an influential activist figure who defended the rights and interests of the community, his departure also caused deep sorrow for M Fadli Abbas's friends and family more primarily to cause deep sorrow and grief for M. family  Alfadli Abbas breathed his last in the river city hospital full on the night at 07.45.00 WIB, his body was then taken to the residence of his wife in Rawang. He died at a very young age at the age of forty-six years.  allegedly, on Friday last week I had passed him and kissed his hand. I hope Abang M.Fadlhi Abbas Husnul khotimah and we as the family left behind were given patience. Writa was gathered on Friday 08.15.wib (12/13/12)  / 19).

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Recipe for Kerinci Tuna Curry Fish

Recipe for Delicious and Tasty Tuna Tuna Fish


 Goulash is a cuisine that is rich in herbs and tastes very tasty.  This time we will try the curry recipe using tuna.

 Tuna is one of the economical but delicious and high taste fish, its nutritional content is also quite good.  Let's try making this recipe ...

 Material :

 1 medium sized tuna fish (clean & cut into pieces)

 3 lemongrass (geprek)

 5 tablespoons of orange leaves

 1 tablespoon seafood broth

 1 lime fruit (squeeze & take the water)

 70 ml instant coconut milk (to taste)

 Enough water

 Oil for sauteing

 salt to taste

 Ground spices :

 10 pcs curly red chillies (to taste)

 5 pcs of cayenne pepper

 5 cloves of shallot

 3 cloves of garlic

 5 cm turmeric

 2 cm ginger

 3 cm laos

 2 btr candlenut

 1 teaspoon coriander

 Slightly burnt / dry shrimp paste

 How to make :

 Heat oil and saute ground spices, orange leaves, lemongrass until fragrant.

 Add the tuna, and enough water, then wait for it to boil.

 After that add coconut milk, broth, salt, stir and then give the lime juice, cook until cooked and remove from heat.

 Tuna curry fish is ready to be served.

 Good luck and enjoy it .. Hopefully this recipe can become one of your favorite curry recipes.

Kerinci Curry style recipe


 2 bunch of fern leaves (cut into pieces)

 3 mackerel

 ground spices:

 2 cloves of garlic

 4 cloves of shallot

 10 red chilies

 5 cayenne peppers

 1/2 teaspoon coriander

 1 cm turmeric

 1 cm of ginger

 on geprek:

 1 galangal segment

 2 lemongrass stems

 samam leaves to taste

 salt, broth (I use mushroom broth)

 500 cc coconut milk


 Cut fern leaves, wash and set aside.

 Clean the mackerel and then fry it half-cooked (so it doesn't break easily when cooked later) drain.

 Sauté the spices and all the seasonings, add coconut milk, stir constantly, then add fish, if the coconut milk starts to boil, add fern leaves.  Wait until cooked.  Check the flavors and curries ready to be served.

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How to make delicious and tasty spicy chicken curry

Recipe for Tasty Tasty Spicy Chicken Curry

 Recipe for Delicious Spicy Chicken Curry Maknyus -For you lovers of spicy cuisine, the recipe for processed chicken meat is suitable for you, because with the weather being cold like this the most perfect indeed we eat spicy dishes.

 With warm rice and warm tea it will make the atmosphere of eating spicy chicken curry more delicious and delicious.

 So, in order not to imagine anything strange, let's just check out the review, and of course you can try this recipe.  Good luck.


 The following is a collection of secrets of various creations and variations of the recipe of Maknyus Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe complete with how to make your own at home (Homemade) which is simple, easy and practical for your own consumption or for selling a business of various spicy chicken curry dishes.

 Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe



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 Recipe for Tasty Tasty Spicy Chicken Curry

 Recipe for Curious Spicy Chicken Curry Maknyus - For you lovers of spicy cuisine, the recipe for processed chicken meat is suitable for you, because with the cold weather like this the most perfect indeed we eat spicy dishes.

 With warm rice and warm tea it will make the atmosphere of eating spicy chicken curry more delicious and delicious.

 So, in order not to imagine anything strange, let's just check out the review, and of course you can try this recipe.  Good luck.


 The following is a collection of secrets of various creations and variations of the recipe of Maknyus Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe complete with how to make your own at home (Homemade) which is simple, easy and practical for your own consumption or for selling a business of various spicy chicken curry dishes.

 Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe


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 1 Kara coconut milk

 Royko chicken


 Pepper powder

 Finished ingredients:

 1 saffron forefinger

 1 big galangal thumb

 2 Lemongrass sticks

 10 red onions

 2 orange leaves and turmeric leaves

 3 big red chillies

 8 grains of garlic

 1 Turmeric index finger

 How to make delicious and tasty spicy chicken curry

 Prepare all ingredients well and completely

 then puree the spice that has been prepared earlier

 then saute the seasoning

 then add the lemongrass and also the leaves until it smells good

 then add chicken

 and after that stir until smooth

 cook until the dough changes color

 then add the thick coconut milk sachets

 then add water and stir until smooth

 cook for about 1-2 hours

 and make sure the chicken is cooked using low heat

 then enter 1 thick coconut milk sachet

 stir everything until it boils over low heat

 taste, if it's okay then lift it and also serve it.

 How quite easy is not the Recipe for Delicious Curry Chicken Curry Maknyus that we just saw, hopefully it can be useful and give us inspiration for the future, see you and thank you.

How to make a delicious pizza

The main ingredients of pizza skin:
 400 grams of good quality flour
 15 grams of dry yeast
 275 milliliters of warm water
 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
 50 milliliters of olive oil or olive oil
 1 teaspoon of salt
 Dough wrapper

 Pizza Sauce Ingredients:
 3 teaspoons olive oil 4 grains finely chopped garlic
 4 tablespoons of tomato paste
 4 fresh tomatoes that are seeded, cut to size width
 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
 1/4 slice of finely chopped onion
 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
 1 teaspoon of oregano (a type of mint leaf) powder

 Pizza topping ingredients:
 75 grams of grated cheese
 3 pieces of sliced ​​smoked beef
 1 sliced ​​paprika
 8 thinly sliced ​​mushrooms
 4 beef sausages sliced ​​thinly
 1 sliced ​​fresh tomato
 75 grams of grated mozzarella cheese
 1/4 of a thinly sliced ​​onion

 The process of making pizza peels:
 - Prepare a bowl then add sugar, warm water and dry yeast.  Leave it for about 5 minutes.
 - Prepare a container for making the dough then put the flour and salt into one.  Stir until evenly distributed and add the yeast solution until the flour turns into a mixture.
 - Mix olive oil then stir again.
 - Prepare a cutting board or table from clean tiles or tiles to form a pizza dough.  Squeeze the pizza mixture over the ceramic until it's not sticky and becomes elastic.
 - Prepare a container or basin then put the mixture into it and cover with plastic that has been provided.  Let stand for 45 minutes to 1 hour for the process of fermentation and development of the dough.
 - Lift and return squeeze or beat the batter to remove the wind that is still trapped in the dough.
 - Cut the dough into 4 parts with the weight of each dough reaching approximately 150 grams.
 - Prepare a pizza pan, apply oil and spread the mixture until it covers the surface of the pan evenly.

 How to make pizza sauce:
 - Prepare the stove and heat the pan.  Pour olive oil and saute garlic and onion together until it changes color and smells good
 - Enter tablespoon of tomato paste, tomatoes, granulated sugar, ground pepper and oregano then cook until the sauce is cooked and thick.  Remove and set aside in a bowl.

 The final stage of the pizza making process:
 - After the pizza skin on the baking sheet has been seen to expand then take a fork and stick it on the top.
 - Smear the surface using tomato sauce that has been made.
 - Prepare the topping ingredients that have been prepared and sprinkle evenly over the dough.
 - Prepare the oven or microwave and bake for approximately 15 minutes until the pizza is cooked.  As an indicator of pizza maturity can be seen from mozzarella cheese sprinkled on it.  If the cheese has melted completely, it is certain that the pizza is cooked.
 - After 15 minutes, remove the pizza from the oven and serve it on a flat plate.
 - Cut according to taste, add chili sauce according to taste and serve while still warm.

 Thus the pizza recipe along with how to make it that you can practice yourself when you have free time at home.  In addition for those of you who like the culinary types of the archipelago, then of course the Madura fried duck recipe can be a menu choice that you can also try.

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Recipe for making delicious tilapia curry

Tilapia curry recipes are also delicious curry.  With complete spices and savory and fresh sour taste suitable for lunch.  Curry is a fresh food menu when it is enjoyed when it is hot and in the rainy season like now.

  And for the material we are going to speak about this time is Tilapia which will be served as curry.  Tilapia is one type of fish that is widely cultivated by the people of Indonesia, therefore, in addition to the taste of the fish that is thick and thick, this course of cooking material is easily available and of course also economical.

  With this tilapia curry meal this time, it will definitely make you enjoy eating it.  Therefore, housewives who have a problem with your baby is difficult to eat, you can try this one menu to be served to your baby.

  So that our discussion this time does not widen everywhere it would be nice we immediately entered our discussion this time about How to Make Tilapia Curry.  What materials are needed and how to process them.  Please listen to this article to the end.

  Tilapia Curry Recipe


  1 red tilapia fish


  3 cloves of garlic

  6 cloves of shallot

  2 cm galangal

  1 cm turmeric

  3 candlenuts

  Complement tilapia curry recipe:

  6 pieces of orange leaf

  2 pieces of kandis acid

  20 basil leaves

  1 cm of ginger

  1 lemongrass stalk

  1 bay leaf

  1 tomato, cut into pieces

  100 g pineapple, cut into pieces

  1 teaspoon sugar

  1 teaspoon salt

  500 ml coconut milk

  4 red chilies, chopped

  10 pieces of cayenne pepper

  How to make tilapia curry recipe:

  Clean tilapia.  Dab the lime juice.

  Saute the spices until fragrant.

  Add bay leaves, lemongrass, orange leaves and kandis acid.

  Add sugar, salt, and sugar.

  Add coconut milk, sliced ​​red chili and cayenne pepper and bring to a boil.

  Add the fish, then cook until the fish is almost soft.

  Add sliced ​​tomatoes, pineapple, and basil leaves.

  Simmer briefly then lift.

  How easy is it not a recipe for Tilapia Fish Curry to be practiced at home?  Hopefully with this one cuisine menu your baby little one is not difficult anymore for you to eat the dishes you make.

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Santan Special Bamboo Stew Curry ready to be served while warm, steady !!

Savory Special Curry Curry Recipe - Bamboo curry curry is one of the creations of cuisine that can be made with curry spices.  when you hear the curry it might be in your mind that you are an oily meat curry with a delicious gravy.  but the curry seasoning is now not only served with meat as the main ingredient.  it is now proven that a variety of curry dishes are made from vegetables, fish, various seafood and eggs.

 In Indonesia itself is one of the countries that has a lot of curry creations.  from Goat Goulash, Chicken Goulash, Fish Goulash, Squid Goulash, Meat Goulash, Vegetable Goulash like Long Bean Goulash, Red Bean Tofu Goulash, Mustard Goulash, Pumpkin Goulash and Bamboo Curry whose recipes we will share for you.  We also have several choices of fish curry recipe such as Curry Cob Curry Fish Curry Recipe and Snapper Fish Curry Head Recipe that must be tried.

 Bamboo Curry Curry is indeed included in the category of Indonesian Traditional Cuisine Recipes which are now starting to be rarely found.  maybe because the bamboo shoots are starting to be hard to come by in urban areas.  different in rural areas where there are still a lot of bamboo shoots sold at traditional markets and the nearest supermarket.  bamboo shoots are usually sold in conditions already in thin small slices lengthwise.  then this bamboo shoot is sold in white plastic packaging which is sold per kilo gram.

 But sometimes there are also bamboo shoot sellers who sell young bamboo shoots in intact condition that has not been cut into pieces.  for the price of bamboo shoots itself is relatively cheap.  for the price maybe around Rp. 5,000.  admin does not know because usually if we cook bamboo shoots, we just take them in the back garden of the house hihih.  oh yeah for those of you who don't know what bamboo shoots are, bamboo shoots are a young jambe tree.

 In addition to being served in the form of bamboo shoot curry, shoots of bamboo shoots can also be served into food and other bamboo cooking preparations.  A delicious snack that is famous for making bamboo shoots is Fried Lumpia.  Typical fried spring rolls filled with bamboo shoots and chopped chicken meat come from the city of Semarang, Semarang Fried Lumpia.  for those of you who want to make it please check the recipe here Semarang Lumpia Recipe Fill Chicken Rebung.

 In addition to Semarang spring rolls, bamboo shoot slices can also be processed into delicious and delicious home cooking.  for example like Vegetable Santan Rebung, Vegetable Lodeh Bamboo Shoots, Coconut Milk Tofu Soup Stew, Spicy Bamboo Stew, Shrimp Rebung, Pete Bamboo Stove and Fried Spring Rolls Fill in Simple Carrot Bamboo Shoots.  This home-cooked food menu from bamboo shoots does look simple, but for it feels very delicious and addictive.

 Do not believe?  let's listen and immediately practice the ingredients and how to make a special and tasty bamboo shoot curry like the following.  hopefully according to taste

 Bamboo Curry Recipe and How to Make It


 Bamboo Curry Recipe and How to Make It

 Bamboo Curry Ingredients:

 400 gram bamboo shoots (sliced ​​and boiled bamboo shoots until soft, remove and drain. Then soak the bamboo shoots with water and add a little salt let stand for 30 minutes in order to eliminate the smell of urine)

 1 liter water

 Coconut milk is 300 milli liters

 Smooth Curry Seasoning:

 6 red onions

 Garlic 5 cloves

 6 curly red chilies

 Candlenut 4 grains

 Roasted coriander 1/2 tablespoon

 Cumin 1/4 teaspoon (optional)

 Ebi or dried shrimp 1 tablespoon (soak until soft)

 Other Spices in Bamboo Stew:

 Kaffir lime leaves 4 pieces

 Java sugar comb 1 1/2 tablespoon

 Salt 1/2 tablespoon

 4 bay leaves

 Galangal 4 centimeters (split and then memarkan)

 2 tablespoons oil (used for sauteing)

 Ginger 2 centimeters (memarkan)

 Lemongrass 2 stems (take the white part then memarkan)

 How to Make Savory Special Bamboo Stew:

 The first step is to prepare a large pot or pan and heat 2 tablespoons of oil.  saute ground spices, bay leaves, galangal, ginger, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves until you find the pleasant aroma and ripe spices.  stirring during sautéing in order to keep the spices from burning.

 Next enter the boiled bamboo shoots, stir briefly until the bamboo shoots are mixed with herbs.  then add water and boil until the sauce boils.

 After that add coconut milk, sugar and salt, stir well and cook using low heat until the sauce boils and cooked, stirring constantly so that the coconut milk does not break.  taste the taste and add if there is something missing.

 Santan Special Bamboo Stew Curry ready to be served while warm, steady !!

 Bamboo shoots are foods that have calories and low sugar content.  but bamboo shoots contain fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals such as potassium, copper and manganese.  even bamboo shoots are also rich in protein because they contain about 2.65 grams of protein per 100 grams of fresh bamboo shoots.  besides containing many benefits for the body of bamboo shoots it also does not contain harmful chemicals making it suitable for those of you who prefer organic vegetables for daily consumption.

 So do not hesitate to put bamboo shoots into your daily cooking menu.  oh yes, besides being sold in a state of stress, bamboo shoots are now also sold in ready-to-use cans, which are usually sold at various supermarkets or supermarkets nearby.  besides served with a simple home curry spice.  apparently bamboo shoots can be cooked with other curry spices that have a quite unique taste and of course delicious.

 Among other things is the Acid Rebung Curry that is said to be cooked with candis tamarind spices and their friends.  then Curry Padang Curry which is quite thick and oily seasoning with a characteristic taste that is savory and spicy.  spcial bamboo shoot curry with a delicious taste than served with warm white rice, this curry is also delicious served with pieces of rice cake or rice cake.  with this many Chinese people who use bamboo curry curry into the Cap Go Meh cuisine collection Lontong.

 Here we have a few tips for processing bamboo shoots so that the results are good and do not smell of urine.  to process it quite simple, you are only required to boil bamboo shoots until the shoots are tender, soft and the smell of the urine disappears.  remember yes, boil bamboo shoots with still cold water that is not ordinary boiling.  you should never boil bamboo shoots with boiled water because the results will be bitter and not tasty to be processed.

 Likewise, if you use instant canned bamboo shoots, don't forget to flush the bamboo shoots with water so that it smells fresh and becomes fresh again.  how easy is it not to make this Homemade Bamboo Stew Curry Recipe?  please create your dishes by following the ingredients and Bamboo Curry Recipe recipes that we post according to your taste.  long beans may be added so that there are variations in vegetables or can also be added chicken feet, beef and chicken meat to find broth in this bamboo shoot curry.

 Thank you for opening recipeshariini.com, if you feel that our Savory Special Curry Curry Recipe that we shared is useful and can help you to make delicious bamboo curry at home, don't forget to like and share to social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google + that you have  .  Warm greetings from the admin, enjoyy cooking !!

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Benefits of red dragon fruit

Benefits of red dragon fruit

 In general, researchers argue and acknowledge that dragon fruit is rich in potassium, ferum, protein, fiber, sodium and calcium which is good for health.  vitamin substances, and minerals that increase stimulation in the body and are beneficial for the rehabilitation in our human body.

 Research shows this red dragon fruit is very good for the circulatory system, also provides the effect of reducing emotional pressure and neutralizes the toxic ions in the blood. Research also shows this fruit, can prevent colon cancer, in addition to preventing high cholesterol in the blood and reduce levels of fat in the body  .

 In every red dragon fruit, it contains protein that can increase the body's metabolism and maintain heart health.


 Prevents colon cancer, diabetes and diet.


 For eye health, strengthen the brain and prevent the entry of viruses.


 Strengthens bones.

 Dragon fruit also contains iron for blood vitamin B1 (prevent fever), vitamin B2 (increase appetite), vitamin B3 (reduce weight cholesterol), vitamin C (increase slipperiness and smoothness of the skin and prevent acne).

 The following is the complete nutritional content contained in dragon fruit:

 - Sugar content (13-8 kgs)

 -Water (90%)

 -Carbohydrates (11,5.9)

 -Protein (0.538)

 - Fiber (0.71 g)

 -Calcium (134.5mg)

 -Phosphorus (8.7 mg)

 -Magnhesium (60.4 m) and

 -Vitamin C (0.4 mg)

 So in general dragon fruit has many benefits for human health

 Among others :

 1. As a blood counterbalance

 2. Detoxification or cleanse the blood

 3. Healthy and strengthen the kidneys

 4. Healthy liver organ

 5. Helps strengthen the work of the brain

 6. Can maintain skin health

 7. Helps improve sharpness in the cornea of ​​the eye

 8. Reducing complaints of vaginal discharge in women

 9. Helps reduce cholesterol levels and prevent colon cancer.

 10. Overcoming inflammation in the esophagus.

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Testing Indigenous in Kerinci


 Kerinci has always been one of the areas that adheres to Matrelinial where community relations are determined according to maternal lineage in the maternal lineage leadership system. In the leadership system there are three levels of customary stakeholders called adat sko tigo, namely:

 a.Sko Depati.

 The legal status of 100 buffalo rice is one in the sense that if a person is appointed to be a depati, a batino child must offer (in traditional language) called (scorch) 100 buffalo rice one.

 b.Sko ninek mamak

 The legal status is 20 goat rice each person who is appointed as Rio (ninek mamak) or equivalent, batino children must offer 20 goat rice one.

 c.Sko Tangganani (male child)

 Actually this is not a traditional title, usually tengganai is a male child who is elder in a family, while the legal position is rice with a chicken's height.

 d.Saluko Adat

 "Adat is coded as Syara, Syarak is coded as Kitabullah".

 a.Depati four adat stakeholders five eight strands of Kerinci natural cloth centered on Rawang.

 b.Depati four tigo strands of cloth centered on Cage Island.

 c.Pegawe Rayo, Pegawe jenang, the Kerinci natural resource field is centered in Sungai Penuh City

 d.Siliriang Panjang or Netting Rayo is centered in Lolo.

 e.Tigo Luhah Sikudung Land is based in Siulak.

 f. Limo Puluh Tambi Curves centered on Lempur.



 Depati's power according to tradition is told "Beheading break up, eat up, kill to death". Depati has the highest right to decide on a case in a four pillar village called:

 - Indigenous Group

 -Long time

 - Scholars

 -Young man

 These four pillars are the formation leaders before the Netherlands entered in 1903 after 1903, the four types of groups turned into information leaders.

 Hamlet government (depati government) is not olokrasi, all hamlet problems, children kemanakan always resolved by deliberation and consensus. Ninek mamak always has the power to solve problems in their respective fields. Hamlet consists of several luhah, luhah consisting of several stomachs, stomach composed  of some luhah, the stomach consists of several doors, inside the door there are brushes of the Kerinci government form, before the arrival of the netherlands with the original democratic system, is a pure autonomous system, executive is the depati ninek mamak and the legislature is a clever, clever, and adviser to the government  .

 Depati also has the power to punish and regulate according to custom, so that the dual function means that this depati as a hamudic judiciary, this also applies to the village government. Also in the Dutch colonial era and Japan was used to strengthen its occupation in Kerinci first.

 Kerinci tribe

 The Kerinci tribe as well as other tribes in Sumatra including the southern Mongoloid race speaking austromianic languages ​​based on the Kerinci customs including in the Malay category closest to the Minangkabau and Jambi Malay.  places with other places within the region of Kerinci Regency. To talk with migrants usually use the Minang language and discuss Indonesian (which is still thick as the High Malay).

 Kerinci writing and language

 Kerinci is one of the eleven regions in Indonesia which has the oldest script known as "Encong Kerinci" (Incung). Unfortunately the writings owned by the Kerinci community were not introduced to the community, plus there was no effort from the local government to preserve the writing.



 Everyday language in every village in Kerinci is different. For example the word "NO"

 1. Tanjung Pauh Village

 Language does not exist (palm fiber).

 2. Full River

 Language does not exist (Nio).

 3. High lodges

 Language does not exist (Ijea).

 4. Koto Lolo

 Language does not exist (Dakde).

 5. Onions

 Language does not exist (Tidek).


 Discuss none (Iduk).

 7. Difficult

 Language does not exist (Nyende).

 8. Land of the Village

 Language does not exist (Ciduok).


 Different languages ​​but have the same meaning and meaning.

Deep sorrow of the departure of activist Kerinci M.Alfadli Abbas

Kerinci , Thursday Thursday evening Kerinci was covered with sorrow with the departure of an influential activist figure who defended th...