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How to propose according to kerinci custom



Hi .. Guys this time the author reviews about the customs of Kerinci, with a very unique dialeg that exists only in the Kerinci area, Jambi province you know ... !!!

 Let's see the description of the author ...

 Various cultures and customs in Indonesia have their own interests in each region in the Indonesian archipelago, this time the writer's interest in worrying about "Parno Helat Pinang woo and Kerinci community marriage".

 Customs which are coded as 'syara', 'syara' are jointed by the Book of Allah, and we can also see customary rules that are leveled up and down stairs, inherited heirs, caliphs upholding.  Adat lives on as long as the customary community of his supporters, broken grows and continues to change, customary traditions must not disappear.

 Based on the marriage ceremony of marriage betel nut and the Kerinci community, then the writer will elaborate on the two structures of the betel nut marriage and marriage to the Kerinci community.

 The element of customs although overall parno helat marriage is customary words, but there are certain parts that clearly describe how the actual position of his custom in society, such as parno quotes sending the bride back to the Kerinci community;

 "Manuka adeak kito itouh, let's custom the basandi syara ', syara' jointed with the book of Allah. Adeak is customary to shara 'with makai, a long step up by the gods.  the argument, I add with sluko, adato ngato:

 "Buhauk lahai jalipung lahai

 Buroe pua jalipung tumboeh

 Patoeh tumboeh ila bagantoe

 Hold the adat kukoh-kukoh ".


 The male financiers came to the female financier by bringing a story containing betel cycles.  When he got there they were allowed to sit on the mat and were usually housed in the middle of the room, sitting positions facing each other.  Cerana is placed in the middle of both parties.  As the opening ceremony for the event, the woman asked what the purpose of the visit of her guests was, even though the visit was known, the female finance party kept asking.  That night in the Kerinci dialeg is called "Ngapak Siheieh" (putting the betel) then the following conversation took place:

 "Assaalamu'alaikum warah Matullah".

 "Waalikum Salam".

 "Where are you funded".


 "Managing Kayoe with Sado Dateih is ineffective, with no mention of Gloa, Kecik Not Named Namo, Kamai Sado Uhang Umoeh Ineffective, arrived in Tarimo as it was in Pado Kayo Sedo Ineffective, with Dateang Pado Uoeh Ineffective, Kecik not mentioned Namo, Kamai Sado Uhang Umoeh Ineffective, arrived in Tarimo as in case of Kayo Sedo Ineffective, with Dateang Pado Uoeh Ineffective, Ndok Manyampe in Pado Kayo-Kekek.  until my peno kayo-kayo, Bak kato kayo ugoe, if it does not reach taraso in lidieh, if it is not taraso not in the hands, if the steel is going to the big bang, if the blayea is going to the island, if you are not basing, if you are not braving, do you fight, if the steel is going to the opposite direction,  sapo kamai numboe kato. "


 "Manay, let's fund"


 "If you are ideo ado barado, ideak temple basarang is weak, if your idea is intended in umoeh ineih, kamai ndoek nuek pado kayo what you mean kayo sado ineih, datae kumoeh kamai ineih. (" Conveying the intention to propose to help the woman. ")

 Kerinci dialeg translation above:

 "Where is Mr. Tengganai".


 "Where are the ladies and gentlemen and brothers who come all this. The big one is not mentioned, the small title is not named. As for all of us in this house, to thank all of you, who have come to this house.  Apart from that, to Mr. Tengganai, this house would like to speak at Tengganai, giving words to convey expressions, to say as long as adat, to ask you, as you said, too, if crushing, you should feel dilidah if you push, you should feel in your hands.  if we sailed to the island, if we were fasting if we said piling up, now who do we stack up with?

 "Yes, we are."

 "Where Mr. funded".


 "If it is not located, it will not be low nesting. If there is no intention to this house. We would like to ask you, what do you mean by all this coming here to our house."

 Custom Wedding Ceremony

 At the time of the marriage contract which is usually carried out at night, the bridegroom is escorted by his party to the house of the woman.  What should not be left behind to deliver is the funding of women who have also been waiting for His funding and His family.

 After the preparations are completed, the qadhi and the guardian of the judge are present, then he takes the incense that smokes with betel vines, and the wedding ceremony begins by the women's fund with parno adat as the authors attach as follows:

 "Asaamulaikum Warahmatulllahi wabara katuh"

 "Walalaikum Salam Warah Matullahi Wabara Katuh"

 "Sarepek-Nyo Kito, who was funded on the floor by being bent or clad in dindoen basuduk uduk. Adopun kamai ndoek launched kato to parno, saying along the length of the adoe and the purpose of the padoe ineih, if you don't look at the traso in lidoeh, if you don't, please stop.  bujaleang nuju bateh, if you balaye bukato batumboek challenge, kinai ineih pado sapo kamai manumbok kato. "


 "We can fund you."


 Peak bapingkak add up, visit rueh with bukau, adeak manapio bapingkak tuhaun, leave adeak with pusako.  Adeak or sprout, lambago or pour, tumboeh-tumboeh, romance, sprout sinyoe this evening, kato saluko adeak ngato.  "

 "Badeteak is more twisted

 Strange thing in bidoe

 Biea sagadoen doesn't know kamayan

 If it's ideas, it's ideas. Nyo babau.

 Kerinci dialeg translation above:

 "As close as we are on the floor covered by a roof, which is surrounded by a four-cornered wall. As for us, we want to give the word,

 deliver parno.  Spell out as long as the custom is the purpose of the dispute tonight. If you chop, feel the tongue, if you push, you should feel it in your hands.  If you walk to the boundary, if you sail to an island, if you set a foundation, if you say, challenge collide.  Now who are we pounding words.  "

 "Look, Mr. Tengganai".


 "Pulai customs are up, leave segments with books, human customs go down, leave customs with heritage. Adat grows, institutions

 for space, growth, romance.  Grow like tonight, said the traditional pantun said;

 "Ticking splitting areca nut

 Shrimp cubs in the boat

 Let the size of the knee save incense

 If it's burned it won't smell. "

 And that is the two traditional marriage structures in Kerinci, the next meeting, the author InsyaAllah, as much as possible wrote about the other marriage structures in the Kerinci area with a very interesting customary dialogue.  

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