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Benefits of red dragon fruit

Benefits of red dragon fruit

 In general, researchers argue and acknowledge that dragon fruit is rich in potassium, ferum, protein, fiber, sodium and calcium which is good for health.  vitamin substances, and minerals that increase stimulation in the body and are beneficial for the rehabilitation in our human body.

 Research shows this red dragon fruit is very good for the circulatory system, also provides the effect of reducing emotional pressure and neutralizes the toxic ions in the blood. Research also shows this fruit, can prevent colon cancer, in addition to preventing high cholesterol in the blood and reduce levels of fat in the body  .

 In every red dragon fruit, it contains protein that can increase the body's metabolism and maintain heart health.


 Prevents colon cancer, diabetes and diet.


 For eye health, strengthen the brain and prevent the entry of viruses.


 Strengthens bones.

 Dragon fruit also contains iron for blood vitamin B1 (prevent fever), vitamin B2 (increase appetite), vitamin B3 (reduce weight cholesterol), vitamin C (increase slipperiness and smoothness of the skin and prevent acne).

 The following is the complete nutritional content contained in dragon fruit:

 - Sugar content (13-8 kgs)

 -Water (90%)

 -Carbohydrates (11,5.9)

 -Protein (0.538)

 - Fiber (0.71 g)

 -Calcium (134.5mg)

 -Phosphorus (8.7 mg)

 -Magnhesium (60.4 m) and

 -Vitamin C (0.4 mg)

 So in general dragon fruit has many benefits for human health

 Among others :

 1. As a blood counterbalance

 2. Detoxification or cleanse the blood

 3. Healthy and strengthen the kidneys

 4. Healthy liver organ

 5. Helps strengthen the work of the brain

 6. Can maintain skin health

 7. Helps improve sharpness in the cornea of ​​the eye

 8. Reducing complaints of vaginal discharge in women

 9. Helps reduce cholesterol levels and prevent colon cancer.

 10. Overcoming inflammation in the esophagus.

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