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How to Make Grilled Tilapia

Recipe for Making the Best Tilapia Grilled Fish- For those of you who work or have super busy activities, setting aside time to cook for the family is a dilemma in itself.  The desire to present the best for the family is often hampered by the little time remaining.  Even this little time must be shared with other things that require your attention.

 Processed with protein is a must because protein is important for the body for growth.  Proteins such as meat, fish, poultry, including food ingredients that require a little more time than processing vegetables.

 Your time limitations should not be used as an excuse for not serving the best for the family.  With the right tricks and techniques, protein food ingredients will be easy to cook without taking a long time.  In processing protein, vegetables should also be included as a nutritional supplement.

 Here we will present how / how to make grilled Tilapia.

 Grilled Tilapia Ingredients:

 Prepare 1 Tilapia (size up to you)

 Prepare 1 teaspoon Salt

 Prepare 1 teaspoon Soy Sauce

 Prepare 2 limes

 Prepare 5 Red Chili (puree)

 Prepare 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper (puree)

 Prepare 5 Shallots (puree)

 Prepare 5 pieces of Green Chili Pepper (puree)

 Prepare 1 cm of ginger (puree)

 How to Make Grilled Tilapia:

 First step: Clean the tilapia you have prepared.  throw the gills on the head of the fish.

 Second step: Also clean the scales on the body of the fish.

 Third step: Also clean the entrails of fish.  (remember not to break the bile in the fish's body, because if it breaks the bile the fish will taste bitter.

 Step Four: Cut the fish into two parts which are unbroken.  Then coat it with lime juice and salt along with soy sauce evenly.  Make sure you smear the whole fish.

 Step Five: Allow the fish first (about 20 minutes, so the marinade seeps) before we burn.

 Step six: If the fish have been left to stand with the seasoning that we prepared earlier.  The next step is to prepare the toaster.  It is better to use a grill made from coconut shell or charcoal so that the fish will produce a more delicious and delicious taste (but if it is not available, it can be burned on Teflon).  .  Do not forget to spread the fish with fine spices while the fish is grilled so that the fish has a more delicious flavor with delicious seasonings.

 Seventh step: Lift, and serve with whatever sauce you want.

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