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Kerinci Cinnamon


Cinnamon is one of the woods that has the largest assets in Kerinci Regency, Jambi which is planted in a number of tropical forest areas in Kerinci Regency Jambi, thus cinnamon is a community forest self-supporting community in Kerinci Regency which is located in Renah Kayu Embun, Lempur and Siulak forests.  This has a positive impact on the people who manage cinnamon, which has an export value that has been so extraordinary in the past.

 The author wants to explain about the composition contained in cinnamon bark as follows:

 Cinnamomum according to Gillferr's department of agrigulture Br. Salamon 1971 in the following table:

 Cinna Momum Burmanni

 Composition characteristics

 Water content.  7.9%

 Afsitri oil.  3.4%

 Alcohol Extract.  8.2%

 Ash 4.5%

 Water Soluble Ash.  2.23%

 Coarse Fiber.  29.10%

 Carbohydrate.  4.2%

 Enter Extract

 which does not fly.

 Bj is average.  1.02- 1.07%

 Benefits of Cinnamon

 Cinnamon bark is a type of spice that is widely used as an ingredient in scents of food and drinks and additives in the making of perfumes and medicines.

 As an Anti-Microbial

 Cinnamon consisting of uebenol and cinanal dehide has the killing power against microdrbanism in trials in a Cinnamon oil laboratory and mapu kills receptive microrganism in the form of bacteria but is a viral cause of typhus in 12 minutes.

 Processed Cinnamon Products

 Cinnamon good products of cylon cassia, usually used in the form of dry skin, use of the skin.

 Cinnamon, can be in the form of skin for cooking spices such as curry goat, usually also in the form of powder. But the use of modern cinnamon is usually in the form of astiri oil or oleorsin oil. Distillation and cinnamon powder or other plant parts while oleorsin is the result of extraction from powder  the value with oleirsin is higher than the oil itself. Because in oleorsin in addition to the oil contained astiri also also includes the spicy taste of the extracted product.


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