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Testing Indigenous in Kerinci


 Kerinci has always been one of the areas that adheres to Matrelinial where community relations are determined according to maternal lineage in the maternal lineage leadership system. In the leadership system there are three levels of customary stakeholders called adat sko tigo, namely:

 a.Sko Depati.

 The legal status of 100 buffalo rice is one in the sense that if a person is appointed to be a depati, a batino child must offer (in traditional language) called (scorch) 100 buffalo rice one.

 b.Sko ninek mamak

 The legal status is 20 goat rice each person who is appointed as Rio (ninek mamak) or equivalent, batino children must offer 20 goat rice one.

 c.Sko Tangganani (male child)

 Actually this is not a traditional title, usually tengganai is a male child who is elder in a family, while the legal position is rice with a chicken's height.

 d.Saluko Adat

 "Adat is coded as Syara, Syarak is coded as Kitabullah".

 a.Depati four adat stakeholders five eight strands of Kerinci natural cloth centered on Rawang.

 b.Depati four tigo strands of cloth centered on Cage Island.

 c.Pegawe Rayo, Pegawe jenang, the Kerinci natural resource field is centered in Sungai Penuh City

 d.Siliriang Panjang or Netting Rayo is centered in Lolo.

 e.Tigo Luhah Sikudung Land is based in Siulak.

 f. Limo Puluh Tambi Curves centered on Lempur.



 Depati's power according to tradition is told "Beheading break up, eat up, kill to death". Depati has the highest right to decide on a case in a four pillar village called:

 - Indigenous Group

 -Long time

 - Scholars

 -Young man

 These four pillars are the formation leaders before the Netherlands entered in 1903 after 1903, the four types of groups turned into information leaders.

 Hamlet government (depati government) is not olokrasi, all hamlet problems, children kemanakan always resolved by deliberation and consensus. Ninek mamak always has the power to solve problems in their respective fields. Hamlet consists of several luhah, luhah consisting of several stomachs, stomach composed  of some luhah, the stomach consists of several doors, inside the door there are brushes of the Kerinci government form, before the arrival of the netherlands with the original democratic system, is a pure autonomous system, executive is the depati ninek mamak and the legislature is a clever, clever, and adviser to the government  .

 Depati also has the power to punish and regulate according to custom, so that the dual function means that this depati as a hamudic judiciary, this also applies to the village government. Also in the Dutch colonial era and Japan was used to strengthen its occupation in Kerinci first.

 Kerinci tribe

 The Kerinci tribe as well as other tribes in Sumatra including the southern Mongoloid race speaking austromianic languages ​​based on the Kerinci customs including in the Malay category closest to the Minangkabau and Jambi Malay.  places with other places within the region of Kerinci Regency. To talk with migrants usually use the Minang language and discuss Indonesian (which is still thick as the High Malay).

 Kerinci writing and language

 Kerinci is one of the eleven regions in Indonesia which has the oldest script known as "Encong Kerinci" (Incung). Unfortunately the writings owned by the Kerinci community were not introduced to the community, plus there was no effort from the local government to preserve the writing.



 Everyday language in every village in Kerinci is different. For example the word "NO"

 1. Tanjung Pauh Village

 Language does not exist (palm fiber).

 2. Full River

 Language does not exist (Nio).

 3. High lodges

 Language does not exist (Ijea).

 4. Koto Lolo

 Language does not exist (Dakde).

 5. Onions

 Language does not exist (Tidek).


 Discuss none (Iduk).

 7. Difficult

 Language does not exist (Nyende).

 8. Land of the Village

 Language does not exist (Ciduok).


 Different languages ​​but have the same meaning and meaning.

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