Selasa, 24 Desember 2019

Love is lost as rainful


 Dark silence in the soul that struggles to raise its face to the sky of the world, try to keep the sadness away from the gurgling rain, hold on to a dark stare at sight, love is no longer expected, who knows where it disappears.
 I tried to know myself in a dimly merciful dark soul, trying to ask the dark sky as if it were going to rain.
 The soul no longer knows the love of rotation, which blocks the steps of the soul in the rain.
 Trying to hold on to the bitter life, all of which can be expected to be smooth, then die, when love is lost in the rain, what to regret, arid, hands on depravity, love that makes wounds I will no longer know, leave, go lament your own love when the soul waits  die.

 Dark silence in the soul that struggles to raise its face to the sky of the world, try to keep the sadness away from the gurgling rain, hold on to a dark stare at sight, love is no longer expected, who knows where it disappears.
 I tried to know myself in a dimly merciful dark soul, trying to ask the dark sky as if it were going to rain.
 The soul no longer knows the love of rotation, which blocks the steps of the soul in the rain.
 Trying to hold on to the bitter life, all of which can be expected to be smooth, then die, when love is lost in the rain, what to regret, arid, hands on depravity, love that makes wounds I will no longer know, leave, go lament your own love when the soul waits  die.

Senin, 23 Desember 2019

Teaching the sun love Sari To Jakarta


 This time the writer tries to make an article to develop imagination to be a reliable writer with a story that the writer experienced when he was still studying at one of the universities in Java six years ago.

 The author knows the figure of a girl who is so beautiful, and her skin is yellow, call it the name of the girl Sari, at that time Sari was also still studying at one of the universities in the city of Sumatra, at, namely Pharmacists, Sari knew various types of drugs.  medicine learned on campus.

 So after Sari's graduation, she continued her dream of going to Jakarta with the hope that future steps could be better.  It turned out that what Sari hoped was his hopes and dreams in Jakarta so Sari could graduate as a civil servant in one place in the city of Jakarta.

 Sari is a cute type and rather quiet in terms of her speech. Sari rarely talks if she doesn't need to because Sari is one of the genius girls from the City of Sumatra, Kerinci, Jambi, Indonesia, who can be so smooth that she can graduate at government agencies in Jakarta with her department knowing various  brand of medicines.

 A few months ago the author met with Sari, although a little embarrassed to see Sari getting older, and the writer met Sari in a few seconds.

 Sari is now a very mature girl with her specialty.  So that the author until now, can expect to meet with Sari, even though Sari is far in the city of Jakarta. The farther a person's distance is, it makes a very deep miss.

Until now the writer is still imagining, so that Sari can be reunited, maybe it's just an illusion of the writer but the writer tries to get to know Sari more deeply.

Indeed, that is the fruit of love, becoming an excerpt of a story that is expressed with feelings, if saved we will become sick, published, people will make it gossip. From far away in Jakarta, struggling with his life, leaving his hometown to find himself, becoming a career woman  in Jakarta, all the restless and depressed have disappeared, when he was first housed, his growth grew to become a city girl, who preserved the customs of his birth, became a stepping stone for young girls like sari. Sari became the jewel of the city, which was once a villager's grief.

 with everything slowly starting to appear the self of the woman who cites Sari, the dream girl of lips revealed, becomes an excerpt of the author's love story.

Love and feelings that exist in each soul, is the fruit of the spark of the phrase love itself, which is sometimes interpreted well sometimes also interpreted bad, in a story of two people who are separated between place, space and time. When the good side met, then he  will merge.

Mean it love with meaning that becomes a romantic nuance, insensitive by curses, that's the love that is attached to the writer for a girl named Sari, distance or near distance will not be a problem, because distance can eliminate the lips of people who  do not like, therefore absorb it with the deepest instinct in the heart that feels.

Minggu, 22 Desember 2019

A gift of love for Melin(Rose)|True Love


Shouldn't express my words to you so that you are not prejudiced to me, from the beginning I said I was just a farmer's child who used to live with hardship, I realized Intan you are a rich man, rich in wealth that no one man  who like you, try to understand from the start, but your heart is as hard as stone to love me a poor young man who has nothing. From the beginning why we must be found, why you can fall in love with me, I cannot reject you, and I will not  never hurt you, even touched you. Because I'm afraid of your father's wrath towards me and my family you are the queen of my city.  Repeatedly I said those words to you, but you remained clean and firm in love with me. Melin understands that I am not suitable for you, don't sit in your palace, just sit in your car, I'm already ashamed.

Melin try to understand me, I dare not shout at you with my words, because I realize that you are a queen who is respected and valued by many people. Why are you clean hard to love me.

Besides, there are also lots of handsome young men and entrepreneurs and even lots of wealth, but why is your heart clean hard to love poor young people like me, dirty and dirty young people, but in your eyes and your heart you still say that I am a better young man than most  .

If indeed your heart's desire is like that, whenever and wherever, you may leave me, because I realize only this gift, which I can offer you Melin the idol queen who is an ideal in my city, because your hospitality and your beauty are praising among the people, because of the rank  and also reporters.

And I also fully realize, my absolute lack of the right to have you is indeed just an illusion, I don't know why ??? Because I realize that a girl like Melan should be coupled with the same as Melin, Yes, rich, have wealth and so on. Not me, I'm not  deserves you Melin. Allow your heart that is as hard as stone to have me, but I have no power over all of it. Does love change everything. Because of wealth is my weakness.

The perfection of love, on the basis of the issuance of a belief, if it exists then love will have a poetic meaning, otherwise everything will be empty. The eza words, not to seduce you but my sparks of love will not disappear in time because you are from God, then there is love  in my heart, for you, love could not hurt, having whether my illusion alone. Chirping myself with my poetic words.

Equivalent to the degree of a queen of civilized descendants, attack me as just a poor young man, who does not deserve to know a noble girl like you, a girl with blue blood, who is a journalist and respected by all circles, who is worshiped for dignity, is I appropriate for you ?? I am only a young man  poor among the farmers in my village. Understand me Melin you are well educated anyway know which man is suitable for you. understand me.

And I reflect on myself, and realize the weakness and awareness of my abilities, me and you, whether I can make you happy or vice versa you are happy for me.

If there are similarities of names in the short story articel, the authors apologize and hopefully the stories above become inspirational.

Jumat, 20 Desember 2019

The love of the village youth towards the palace girl

Love comes automatically whispering something in the minds of every human being whether female or male.  palace maidens and village youths who are young village keep a very deep sympathy for the woman just call the name of the palace girl Eza, Eza is a famous king's daughter and Eza also as queen in one of the parliaments in Sumatra, village youth who fall in love with Eza did not dare to reveal  his feelings because of different castes, this young man lives in solitude but, the name of Eza a princess of the king is always present in his mind.To get to know and love Eza, but this young man knew that it was impossible to get Eza, because Eza was a rich daughter of the king in  Sumatra is a cold country of Kerinci. He can only praise each person when he sees Eza's face through dreams, which cannot be rea  Liata to get Eza. Eza again Eza became queen in one of the parliament in the city of Jambi. Thus a story of the village youth can only be thinking about Eza who became his idol, although it is not possible for this village youth to get to love Eza, a famous princess.

Over time this village youth, thinking that he realized, to love Eza was not possible, Eza was rich, wealthy and enthroned, while the village youth who loved Eza was just a poor young man who had no wealth, ranks let alone positions like those of girls  rich like Eza. The distinguishing caste and the big Eza palace can only be admired by this young man, with the beautiful golden chariot that Eza has, while the village leader only has a horse that costs very well in the market. To get this girl named Eza this young man  realize that far roasted from fire, to love and have a palace girl named Eza.

Neman is the life that comes and goes, loves and is loved by the high caste, simple caste, and the lowest caste, has a sense of love even though who is loved by the beautiful and prominent princess of the king, but if God wants two people who love each other will be met even though  different places to put together later. If there are similarities in the name of the article description the author apologizes profusely, hopefully useful.

Selasa, 17 Desember 2019

As small as the land of heaven kerinci


 That morning when I was traveling from a cool, peaceful, and beautiful area with its exotic natural charm. I tried my best to get to know and unite the soul with the charm of the  small as the land of heaven kerinci. 

 Kerinci has interesting tourist places to visit, in some places which are very strategic and very easy to reach by local and foreign tourists.  The beauty and beauty of nature is still without being so natural from the touch of wild hands.

 Amazing with the beauty and natural charm that is very perfect.  when we try to reach the Kerinci almam by using two-wheeled and four-wheeled transportation, we will see the comfort and beauty of exotic nature.
 In some places, it will be seen a panorama of a million inspirations contained in nature.

 So many visitors who come from outside the area pose to be beautiful memories in SEKEPAL TANAH KERINCI.  Let us both set foot in the Kerinci realm, by preserving nature so that it does not appear natural all day long.

Senin, 16 Desember 2019

How to write a short book novel


 All of us certainly want to be good writers, with a variety of stories and experiences by understanding from the orientation we learn to know how to write well.  For example, in writing a novel book title that we will load, so that it attracts interested readers to reach thousands of customers and readers.
 The main thing is to understand reader physics so we can master Pasadena publishing both working with agencies CV, PT and others.

 How do I write that well but let's see my tips from me as follows;

 First, we must understand the flow and discharge in the path of writing in accordance with the title that we will discuss.  So that the writing we make in the form of a story as a discourse, we channel the discourse with an interesting nuance to the interest of netizen readers.

 Second, in writing novel types of books, we must adjust the stories we summarize in the form of a short story novel or the main title of the novel book.

 Third, Understanding the writing before we explain it in the media, so that what we write we must master first by understanding the background of the novel book, and adjusted to the writing of the novel book with the main framework in its writing.

 Fourth, we must connect the initial subtitles with the middle, and the end with the intention that the writing is easily understood by the readers, so that they are easy to understand, which means to draw the story being discussed.

 Fifth, Include in each chapter the title of the book which means that the readers are easy to understand.  What is meant is that the book that we write can get a lot of reader dominance because they can understand from whatever titles we include.

 That's my short tips on how to write a novel book, hopefully useful for you.

Where is my love that I wait for you ??


 Anyone on this earth, would want to go and enjoy the household ark both at the age that is enough to travel and feel the sweetness and bitterness of a household that is built with a sturdy rope that is commonly called harmony harmony.

 But there are also some people who really want to marry at the age of 27 years with their profession or work to carry for their beloved future wife, and some even want to get married at a younger age huh !!! 23 years, waiting for who is the choice  best for a life companion.

 Some even wait for the week after month to come year after year to arrive, but nevertheless, finding a companion whom he desires can later make him happy not because of abundant wealth, luxury cars and so on, but he is never present in himself.

 Sad and sad tears also felt, because it was lonely living alone without the presence of someone he loved.

 On the contrary, they are also waiting for the presence of the idol of the heart who will come to ask for her future marriage.

 For men in particular, of course crave a woman who is gentle and understanding and obedience and understanding of religion.  Women also expect their future husband who is patient, and faithful to accompany him like the proverbial old men "The household is built because of the religious order" to achieve the love and affection of a legitimate husband and guide him on the path of heaven.

 Somehow ?? There are men and women who already feel quite sorry to work hard at work every morning, evening and even night, but no heart lovers have met them so that he can travel and build a household ark with someone who really  loved, each person will definitely pass and also feel but have not met the expected like a mirage found in the desert from a distance is very beautiful but when near him disappeared, so like the match we are looking for.

 Indeed all God's soul mate, we humans only undergo the Qodrat, whether or not met is the absolute omnipotence of the Lord of the Universe.

 No need to be jealous when we see our peers have had a scourge, sometimes shyness approached, but everything must be ignored, there must be a soul mate.  Because God will not let his servants dissolve in sadness.

 Introspection, all of it and just live with what it is, our soul mates must be there, wherever we are, whether separated from space, place and time, that is indeed life, the bitter sweetness of God has determined.
 "Be, and it is.... "
 {So, so be it}

 By loving, loving and having affectionate, understanding each other.

 God's promise is real !!!

 From the writer's description above, we must realize, we must not be drowned with sadness, on earth wherever you stand.
 With one blink of our eyes will surely meet and be united because of God, then that's when the yellow palm is upheld by the invitation take when the wedding reception is held and we will be united with beauty, beauty that we have never felt before, just enjoy it and what it is and don't  we say what is it, take it, I'm here waiting for you in your caresses, the warm smile of your lips and the beautiful look on your face, for you.
 Make Inspiration in the reading above, take the good side, from the author's short story.

Minggu, 15 Desember 2019

Love my killer, so graduation was jailed


 The night did not feel like it had covered G's body, the night wind began to wipe G's young joints, engrossed in enjoying the white dough that made him fly on the three-dimensional Nature.
 From the yard of his house on the night of February 5, 2010, dozens of armed members watched him.  G did not know their presence, that the dozens of armed men were members.
 G at that time as a smart and talented student who mastered the three countries of the world, English, German and Palestinian, but was very loved behind all of G's talents, vanished due to the influence of the City environment.
 G becomes brutal, delinquent, starts haunting his instincts. The city of G is controlled by his colleagues. All of them cannot be controlled like a broken remote, which cannot be activated without white dough.
 G reviewed the story of him, Tuesday 15/12/2019 at 00.46 WIB at night.
 At that time G became a white dough porter and the Gangster he led led to G including one of the TO and DPO police.
 At 11.00 a.m. members in plainclothes armed to the teeth raided the residence of G.
 G tried to run and avoid, out of dozens of members, but unfortunate fruitful fate, unlucky for G, G could not move, G was successfully arrested by a member of the West Sumatra authorities that night.

 G was arrested and secured by the authorities in West Sumatra City G was handcuffed and flanked by dozens of fully armed members, G could not move.
 A week later, G was sentenced by Judge and Prosecutor during his 1.8-month detention from a 10-year prison sentence.

 According to information from G the judge and the Prosecutor received money to reduce G's detention period, the money G's parents gave to the judge and prosecutor was approximately 150 million.
 After the sentence was completed, G was escorted by the police of the prosecutor's office to a detainee belonging to the Dutch mass relic, then in the city of West Sumatra.

 For 2 days, G was languished by iron prisoners belonging to the Dutch VOC.
 Then G was transferred to the West Sumatra City LP, a trip to the LP for three hours of distance from the West Sumatra City.

 The LP, according to G's statement, is very extensive, which is located very strategically in the hills in the City of West Sumatra.
 After all this time G had been in prison, G was ill, finally G was moved to a cell far from the other prisoners' cells with the intention that G's disease could not spread and spread to other prisoners.

 Short story implied news from one of the Univ.  in the city of Malang that that day was a special day for graduation to take the title, G received a degree from his place forging knowledge and the name G was mentioned in the graduation speech even though G was on the iron bars.

 The next time the Head of the LP asked G to call his family so that G could wear a gown and graduation dress and celebrate at the prison where G was imprisoned.

 Finally, G agreed on the LP chairman's decision and finally G, by his parents, sent the Toga and Graduation Greatness Graduation clothes, G and the LP chairman and all the prisoners who were in the same walk with G celebrated with excitement.
 The cheers of G friends from prison echoed from the cell room how excited they were.
 Proud of G graduated at the Correctional Institution (LP).

Sabtu, 14 Desember 2019

Love is blind, or those who love love are blind

Love is blind, or those who love love are blind

Love ?? What is love, we know it with many meanings. There are those who say love is blind, there are also those who say that playing love is blind. Various kinds of pros and cons arise over the phrase love. Indeed, many people are injured  , even to suicide because I misinterpreted the meaning of love. I also have not been able to master much of the language and the true meaning of love, but I do my best so that I do not fall prey to the game of blind love, it is different from most people who are excited to drop themselves with  playing love or permsinan blind love. Why? according to my reasonable guardian, why and why should be washed away and drowned by love.

I am aware of my shortcomings, at an early age, I do not want to be drowned with blind love, which makes myself and my reputation destroyed, I prefer to express it with discourse or articles, which means that myself, insoluble and swallowed by a mirage of blind love.

Many have given advice and the fruit of their advice do not you dissolve and be mocked from a dream of love, which is not necessarily what we love is ours, it is possible that we admire in a blind love game for women for example, belong to someone else not ours  , from far away days we have to realize and introspect ourselves, the intention is certainly good for us.

When seeing his own head, as everyone laughs cheerfully, he craves his lust for the woman he loves. But he doesn't necessarily have it.  sensitive or ashamed of anything made of sweet lust.

And because of that, we need to learn a lot, what we see, what we pay attention to and also we feel, everything will become a knowledge, and we realize, too, not the love of a perfect creature, but love of God, that is true love  , admittedly or not we have felt it, in ourselves. Make it a proposal for all of them in the name of love.

Jumat, 13 Desember 2019

Love the city girl of the village youth

The dim street lights in the city, sparkling the city's sparkling associations, from a distance the laughter of girls from their luxury cars was seen, they seemed to feel happy and share their stories, just call their names Angelita and Ana, mama's children who are rich in luxury cars,  Angelita looks beautiful and charming in her book, I appeal to the men who see it as well as Ana. In the sparkling city that night they shared the story of who would become their potential companion. The fun of laughing two siblings are both alumni from one of the universities  in her city, Angelita Tells that she prefers simple men to rich children, because in that city no one is richer than both parents Angelita and Ana.Ana then shares her story with her brother while her brother takes the steering wheel on the way  both of them from a shopping mall in that city, that Ana also prefers seder youth behavior  hana who is from the village.

Attacked a long time later both of them were silent, looking at pedestrians passing by on the troroar road, both of them sighing and grumbling, how their hearts change when glancing at the footsteps. Angelita said we should be grateful for God's gift.  mature brother.

Shortly afterwards Angelita drove her vehicle above the standard, while Ana was fast asleep due to exhaustion, shortly after

After the luxury car Angelita and her sister Ana parked neatly in the bakasi, they stood at the door and pressed the bell, their helpers immediately rushed to open the door, Angelita and Ana were still and sanda joked about all the village youths she loved, Ana just moaned a smile she knew that she knew that  his sister's heart is in bloom.

Then both of them went straight into the room and rushed to pray five times a day, both parents Angelita and Ana could only smile to see their beloved child.

His parents already knew that their first daughter Angelita fell in love with a young village man.

Reportedly working at a private TV media agency, the young man was also obedient in knowing and understanding religion, Angelita and Ana's parents often told him that they knew a close person named Diar.  The next continuation depends on their children to sincerely have and love the village youth whose diar name, Angelita often smiles if the name of the diar is mentioned by her female parents.

After Angelita and Ana finished praying five times, they approached the dining table, and threw smiles at their father and mother, not later then the Angelita family finished from their meal, son Angelita said to your mother these weeks, flowering hearts, falling in love huh  ?? Angelita bowed in shame from what her mother said, remember son !! The village youth who taught religion to you, I know you love her, her sister Ana and the father who listened to the word smiled as if he knew and blessed Angelita and Diar.

Hopefully the above story provides inspirational value for the reader. 

Kamis, 12 Desember 2019

Deep sorrow of the departure of activist Kerinci M.Alfadli Abbas

Kerinci, Thursday Thursday evening Kerinci was covered with sorrow with the departure of an influential activist figure who defended the rights and interests of the community, his departure also caused deep sorrow for M Fadli Abbas's friends and family more primarily to cause deep sorrow and grief for M. family  Alfadli Abbas breathed his last in the river city hospital full on the night at 07.45.00 WIB, his body was then taken to the residence of his wife in Rawang. He died at a very young age at the age of forty-six years.  allegedly, on Friday last week I had passed him and kissed his hand. I hope My Brother M.Fadlhi Abbas Husnul khotimah and we as the family left behind were given patience. News gathered on Friday 08.15.wib (12/13/12)  / 19).

Selasa, 03 Desember 2019

Recipe for Kerinci Tuna Curry Fish

Recipe for Delicious and Tasty Tuna Tuna Fish


 Goulash is a cuisine that is rich in herbs and tastes very tasty.  This time we will try the curry recipe using tuna.

 Tuna is one of the economical but delicious and high taste fish, its nutritional content is also quite good.  Let's try making this recipe ...

 Material :

 1 medium sized tuna fish (clean & cut into pieces)

 3 lemongrass (geprek)

 5 tablespoons of orange leaves

 1 tablespoon seafood broth

 1 lime fruit (squeeze & take the water)

 70 ml instant coconut milk (to taste)

 Enough water

 Oil for sauteing

 salt to taste

 Ground spices :

 10 pcs curly red chillies (to taste)

 5 pcs of cayenne pepper

 5 cloves of shallot

 3 cloves of garlic

 5 cm turmeric

 2 cm ginger

 3 cm laos

 2 btr candlenut

 1 teaspoon coriander

 Slightly burnt / dry shrimp paste

 How to make :

 Heat oil and saute ground spices, orange leaves, lemongrass until fragrant.

 Add the tuna, and enough water, then wait for it to boil.

 After that add coconut milk, broth, salt, stir and then give the lime juice, cook until cooked and remove from heat.

 Tuna curry fish is ready to be served.

 Good luck and enjoy it .. Hopefully this recipe can become one of your favorite curry recipes.

Kerinci Curry style recipe


 2 bunch of fern leaves (cut into pieces)

 3 mackerel

 ground spices:

 2 cloves of garlic

 4 cloves of shallot

 10 red chilies

 5 cayenne peppers

 1/2 teaspoon coriander

 1 cm turmeric

 1 cm of ginger

 on geprek:

 1 galangal segment

 2 lemongrass stems

 samam leaves to taste

 salt, broth (I use mushroom broth)

 500 cc coconut milk


 Cut fern leaves, wash and set aside.

 Clean the mackerel and then fry it half-cooked (so it doesn't break easily when cooked later) drain.

 Sauté the spices and all the seasonings, add coconut milk, stir constantly, then add fish, if the coconut milk starts to boil, add fern leaves.  Wait until cooked.  Check the flavors and curries ready to be served.

Senin, 02 Desember 2019

How to make delicious and tasty spicy chicken curry

Recipe for Tasty Tasty Spicy Chicken Curry

 Recipe for Delicious Spicy Chicken Curry Maknyus -For you lovers of spicy cuisine, the recipe for processed chicken meat is suitable for you, because with the weather being cold like this the most perfect indeed we eat spicy dishes.

 With warm rice and warm tea it will make the atmosphere of eating spicy chicken curry more delicious and delicious.

 So, in order not to imagine anything strange, let's just check out the review, and of course you can try this recipe.  Good luck.


 The following is a collection of secrets of various creations and variations of the recipe of Maknyus Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe complete with how to make your own at home (Homemade) which is simple, easy and practical for your own consumption or for selling a business of various spicy chicken curry dishes.

 Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe



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 Recipe for Tasty Tasty Spicy Chicken Curry

 Recipe for Curious Spicy Chicken Curry Maknyus - For you lovers of spicy cuisine, the recipe for processed chicken meat is suitable for you, because with the cold weather like this the most perfect indeed we eat spicy dishes.

 With warm rice and warm tea it will make the atmosphere of eating spicy chicken curry more delicious and delicious.

 So, in order not to imagine anything strange, let's just check out the review, and of course you can try this recipe.  Good luck.


 The following is a collection of secrets of various creations and variations of the recipe of Maknyus Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe complete with how to make your own at home (Homemade) which is simple, easy and practical for your own consumption or for selling a business of various spicy chicken curry dishes.

 Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe


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 1 Kara coconut milk

 Royko chicken


 Pepper powder

 Finished ingredients:

 1 saffron forefinger

 1 big galangal thumb

 2 Lemongrass sticks

 10 red onions

 2 orange leaves and turmeric leaves

 3 big red chillies

 8 grains of garlic

 1 Turmeric index finger

 How to make delicious and tasty spicy chicken curry

 Prepare all ingredients well and completely

 then puree the spice that has been prepared earlier

 then saute the seasoning

 then add the lemongrass and also the leaves until it smells good

 then add chicken

 and after that stir until smooth

 cook until the dough changes color

 then add the thick coconut milk sachets

 then add water and stir until smooth

 cook for about 1-2 hours

 and make sure the chicken is cooked using low heat

 then enter 1 thick coconut milk sachet

 stir everything until it boils over low heat

 taste, if it's okay then lift it and also serve it.

 How quite easy is not the Recipe for Delicious Curry Chicken Curry Maknyus that we just saw, hopefully it can be useful and give us inspiration for the future, see you and thank you.

How to make a delicious pizza

The main ingredients of pizza skin:
 400 grams of good quality flour
 15 grams of dry yeast
 275 milliliters of warm water
 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
 50 milliliters of olive oil or olive oil
 1 teaspoon of salt
 Dough wrapper

 Pizza Sauce Ingredients:
 3 teaspoons olive oil 4 grains finely chopped garlic
 4 tablespoons of tomato paste
 4 fresh tomatoes that are seeded, cut to size width
 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
 1/4 slice of finely chopped onion
 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
 1 teaspoon of oregano (a type of mint leaf) powder

 Pizza topping ingredients:
 75 grams of grated cheese
 3 pieces of sliced ​​smoked beef
 1 sliced ​​paprika
 8 thinly sliced ​​mushrooms
 4 beef sausages sliced ​​thinly
 1 sliced ​​fresh tomato
 75 grams of grated mozzarella cheese
 1/4 of a thinly sliced ​​onion

 The process of making pizza peels:
 - Prepare a bowl then add sugar, warm water and dry yeast.  Leave it for about 5 minutes.
 - Prepare a container for making the dough then put the flour and salt into one.  Stir until evenly distributed and add the yeast solution until the flour turns into a mixture.
 - Mix olive oil then stir again.
 - Prepare a cutting board or table from clean tiles or tiles to form a pizza dough.  Squeeze the pizza mixture over the ceramic until it's not sticky and becomes elastic.
 - Prepare a container or basin then put the mixture into it and cover with plastic that has been provided.  Let stand for 45 minutes to 1 hour for the process of fermentation and development of the dough.
 - Lift and return squeeze or beat the batter to remove the wind that is still trapped in the dough.
 - Cut the dough into 4 parts with the weight of each dough reaching approximately 150 grams.
 - Prepare a pizza pan, apply oil and spread the mixture until it covers the surface of the pan evenly.

 How to make pizza sauce:
 - Prepare the stove and heat the pan.  Pour olive oil and saute garlic and onion together until it changes color and smells good
 - Enter tablespoon of tomato paste, tomatoes, granulated sugar, ground pepper and oregano then cook until the sauce is cooked and thick.  Remove and set aside in a bowl.

 The final stage of the pizza making process:
 - After the pizza skin on the baking sheet has been seen to expand then take a fork and stick it on the top.
 - Smear the surface using tomato sauce that has been made.
 - Prepare the topping ingredients that have been prepared and sprinkle evenly over the dough.
 - Prepare the oven or microwave and bake for approximately 15 minutes until the pizza is cooked.  As an indicator of pizza maturity can be seen from mozzarella cheese sprinkled on it.  If the cheese has melted completely, it is certain that the pizza is cooked.
 - After 15 minutes, remove the pizza from the oven and serve it on a flat plate.
 - Cut according to taste, add chili sauce according to taste and serve while still warm.

 Thus the pizza recipe along with how to make it that you can practice yourself when you have free time at home.  In addition for those of you who like the culinary types of the archipelago, then of course the Madura fried duck recipe can be a menu choice that you can also try.

Minggu, 01 Desember 2019

Recipe for making delicious tilapia curry

Tilapia curry recipes are also delicious curry.  With complete spices and savory and fresh sour taste suitable for lunch.  Curry is a fresh food menu when it is enjoyed when it is hot and in the rainy season like now.

  And for the material we are going to speak about this time is Tilapia which will be served as curry.  Tilapia is one type of fish that is widely cultivated by the people of Indonesia, therefore, in addition to the taste of the fish that is thick and thick, this course of cooking material is easily available and of course also economical.

  With this tilapia curry meal this time, it will definitely make you enjoy eating it.  Therefore, housewives who have a problem with your baby is difficult to eat, you can try this one menu to be served to your baby.

  So that our discussion this time does not widen everywhere it would be nice we immediately entered our discussion this time about How to Make Tilapia Curry.  What materials are needed and how to process them.  Please listen to this article to the end.

  Tilapia Curry Recipe


  1 red tilapia fish


  3 cloves of garlic

  6 cloves of shallot

  2 cm galangal

  1 cm turmeric

  3 candlenuts

  Complement tilapia curry recipe:

  6 pieces of orange leaf

  2 pieces of kandis acid

  20 basil leaves

  1 cm of ginger

  1 lemongrass stalk

  1 bay leaf

  1 tomato, cut into pieces

  100 g pineapple, cut into pieces

  1 teaspoon sugar

  1 teaspoon salt

  500 ml coconut milk

  4 red chilies, chopped

  10 pieces of cayenne pepper

  How to make tilapia curry recipe:

  Clean tilapia.  Dab the lime juice.

  Saute the spices until fragrant.

  Add bay leaves, lemongrass, orange leaves and kandis acid.

  Add sugar, salt, and sugar.

  Add coconut milk, sliced ​​red chili and cayenne pepper and bring to a boil.

  Add the fish, then cook until the fish is almost soft.

  Add sliced ​​tomatoes, pineapple, and basil leaves.

  Simmer briefly then lift.

  How easy is it not a recipe for Tilapia Fish Curry to be practiced at home?  Hopefully with this one cuisine menu your baby little one is not difficult anymore for you to eat the dishes you make.

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