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Cerpen |A gift of love for Winda


Shouldn't express my words to you so that you are not prejudiced to me, from the beginning I said I was just a farmer's child who used to live with hardship, I realized Winda you are a rich man, rich in wealth that no one man  who like you, try to understand from the start, but your heart is as hard as stone to love me a poor young man who has nothing. From the beginning why we must be found, why you can fall in love with me, I cannot reject you, and I will not  never hurt you, even touched you. Because I'm afraid of your father's wrath towards me and my family you are the queen of my city.  Repeatedly I said those words to you, but you remained clean and firm in love with me.Winda understands that I am not suitable for you, don't sit in your palace, just sit in your car, I'm already ashamed.

Winda try to understand me, I dare not shout at you with my words, because I realize that you are a queen who is respected and valued by many people. Why are you clean hard to love me.

Besides, there are also lots of handsome young men and entrepreneurs and even lots of wealth, but why is your heart clean hard to love poor young people like me, dirty and dirty young people, but in your eyes and your heart you still say that I am a better young man than most  .

If indeed your heart's desire is like that, whenever and wherever, you may leave me, because I realize only this gift, which I can offer you Winda the idol queen who is an ideal in my city, because your hospitality and your beauty are praising among the people, because of the rank  and also reporters.

And I also fully realize, my absolute lack of the right to have you is indeed just an illusion, I don't know why ??? Because I realize that a girl like Winda should be coupled with the same as Winda Yes, rich, have wealth and so on. Not me, I'm not  deserves you Winda. Allow your heart that is as hard as stone to have me, but I have no power over all of it. Does love change everything. Because of wealth is my weakness.

The perfection of love, on the basis of the issuance of a belief, if it exists then love will have a poetic meaning, otherwise everything will be empty. The Winda words, not to seduce you but my sparks of love will not disappear in time because you are from God, then there is love  in my heart, for you, love could not hurt, having whether my illusion alone. Chirping myself with my poetic words.

Equivalent to the degree of a queen of civilized descendants, attack me as just a poor young man, who does not deserve to know a noble girl like you, a girl with blue blood, who is a journalist and respected by all circles, who is worshiped for dignity, is I appropriate for you ?? I am only a young man  poor among the farmers in my village. Understand me Winda you are well educated anyway know which man is suitable for you. understand me.

And I reflect on myself, and realize the weakness and awareness of my abilities, me and you, whether I can make you happy or vice versa you are happy for me.

If there are similarities of names in the short story articel, the authors apologize and hopefully the stories above become inspirational.

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