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How to write a short book novel


 All of us certainly want to be good writers, with a variety of stories and experiences by understanding from the orientation we learn to know how to write well.  For example, in writing a novel book title that we will load, so that it attracts interested readers to reach thousands of customers and readers.
 The main thing is to understand reader physics so we can master Pasadena publishing both working with agencies CV, PT and others.

 How do I write that well but let's see my tips from me as follows;

 First, we must understand the flow and discharge in the path of writing in accordance with the title that we will discuss.  So that the writing we make in the form of a story as a discourse, we channel the discourse with an interesting nuance to the interest of netizen readers.

 Second, in writing novel types of books, we must adjust the stories we summarize in the form of a short story novel or the main title of the novel book.

 Third, Understanding the writing before we explain it in the media, so that what we write we must master first by understanding the background of the novel book, and adjusted to the writing of the novel book with the main framework in its writing.

 Fourth, we must connect the initial subtitles with the middle, and the end with the intention that the writing is easily understood by the readers, so that they are easy to understand, which means to draw the story being discussed.

 Fifth, Include in each chapter the title of the book which means that the readers are easy to understand.  What is meant is that the book that we write can get a lot of reader dominance because they can understand from whatever titles we include.

 That's my short tips on how to write a novel book, hopefully useful for you.

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