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The love of the village youth towards the palace girl

Love comes automatically whispering something in the minds of every human being whether female or male.  palace maidens and village youths who are young village keep a very deep sympathy for the woman just call the name of the palace girl Eza, Eza is a famous king's daughter and Eza also as queen in one of the parliaments in Sumatra, village youth who fall in love with Eza did not dare to reveal  his feelings because of different castes, this young man lives in solitude but, the name of Eza a princess of the king is always present in his mind.To get to know and love Eza, but this young man knew that it was impossible to get Eza, because Eza was a rich daughter of the king in  Sumatra is a cold country of Kerinci. He can only praise each person when he sees Eza's face through dreams, which cannot be rea  Liata to get Eza. Eza again Eza became queen in one of the parliament in the city of Jambi. Thus a story of the village youth can only be thinking about Eza who became his idol, although it is not possible for this village youth to get to love Eza, a famous princess.

Over time this village youth, thinking that he realized, to love Eza was not possible, Eza was rich, wealthy and enthroned, while the village youth who loved Eza was just a poor young man who had no wealth, ranks let alone positions like those of girls  rich like Eza. The distinguishing caste and the big Eza palace can only be admired by this young man, with the beautiful golden chariot that Eza has, while the village leader only has a horse that costs very well in the market. To get this girl named Eza this young man  realize that far roasted from fire, to love and have a palace girl named Eza.

Neman is the life that comes and goes, loves and is loved by the high caste, simple caste, and the lowest caste, has a sense of love even though who is loved by the beautiful and prominent princess of the king, but if God wants two people who love each other will be met even though  different places to put together later. If there are similarities in the name of the article description the author apologizes profusely, hopefully useful.

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