Selasa, 17 Desember 2019

As small as the land of heaven kerinci


 That morning when I was traveling from a cool, peaceful, and beautiful area with its exotic natural charm. I tried my best to get to know and unite the soul with the charm of the  small as the land of heaven kerinci. 

 Kerinci has interesting tourist places to visit, in some places which are very strategic and very easy to reach by local and foreign tourists.  The beauty and beauty of nature is still without being so natural from the touch of wild hands.

 Amazing with the beauty and natural charm that is very perfect.  when we try to reach the Kerinci almam by using two-wheeled and four-wheeled transportation, we will see the comfort and beauty of exotic nature.
 In some places, it will be seen a panorama of a million inspirations contained in nature.

 So many visitors who come from outside the area pose to be beautiful memories in SEKEPAL TANAH KERINCI.  Let us both set foot in the Kerinci realm, by preserving nature so that it does not appear natural all day long.

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