Sabtu, 14 Desember 2019

Love is blind, or those who love love are blind

Love is blind, or those who love love are blind

Love ?? What is love, we know it with many meanings. There are those who say love is blind, there are also those who say that playing love is blind. Various kinds of pros and cons arise over the phrase love. Indeed, many people are injured  , even to suicide because I misinterpreted the meaning of love. I also have not been able to master much of the language and the true meaning of love, but I do my best so that I do not fall prey to the game of blind love, it is different from most people who are excited to drop themselves with  playing love or permsinan blind love. Why? according to my reasonable guardian, why and why should be washed away and drowned by love.

I am aware of my shortcomings, at an early age, I do not want to be drowned with blind love, which makes myself and my reputation destroyed, I prefer to express it with discourse or articles, which means that myself, insoluble and swallowed by a mirage of blind love.

Many have given advice and the fruit of their advice do not you dissolve and be mocked from a dream of love, which is not necessarily what we love is ours, it is possible that we admire in a blind love game for women for example, belong to someone else not ours  , from far away days we have to realize and introspect ourselves, the intention is certainly good for us.

When seeing his own head, as everyone laughs cheerfully, he craves his lust for the woman he loves. But he doesn't necessarily have it.  sensitive or ashamed of anything made of sweet lust.

And because of that, we need to learn a lot, what we see, what we pay attention to and also we feel, everything will become a knowledge, and we realize, too, not the love of a perfect creature, but love of God, that is true love  , admittedly or not we have felt it, in ourselves. Make it a proposal for all of them in the name of love.

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