Senin, 16 Desember 2019

Where is my love that I wait for you ??


 Anyone on this earth, would want to go and enjoy the household ark both at the age that is enough to travel and feel the sweetness and bitterness of a household that is built with a sturdy rope that is commonly called harmony harmony.

 But there are also some people who really want to marry at the age of 27 years with their profession or work to carry for their beloved future wife, and some even want to get married at a younger age huh !!! 23 years, waiting for who is the choice  best for a life companion.

 Some even wait for the week after month to come year after year to arrive, but nevertheless, finding a companion whom he desires can later make him happy not because of abundant wealth, luxury cars and so on, but he is never present in himself.

 Sad and sad tears also felt, because it was lonely living alone without the presence of someone he loved.

 On the contrary, they are also waiting for the presence of the idol of the heart who will come to ask for her future marriage.

 For men in particular, of course crave a woman who is gentle and understanding and obedience and understanding of religion.  Women also expect their future husband who is patient, and faithful to accompany him like the proverbial old men "The household is built because of the religious order" to achieve the love and affection of a legitimate husband and guide him on the path of heaven.

 Somehow ?? There are men and women who already feel quite sorry to work hard at work every morning, evening and even night, but no heart lovers have met them so that he can travel and build a household ark with someone who really  loved, each person will definitely pass and also feel but have not met the expected like a mirage found in the desert from a distance is very beautiful but when near him disappeared, so like the match we are looking for.

 Indeed all God's soul mate, we humans only undergo the Qodrat, whether or not met is the absolute omnipotence of the Lord of the Universe.

 No need to be jealous when we see our peers have had a scourge, sometimes shyness approached, but everything must be ignored, there must be a soul mate.  Because God will not let his servants dissolve in sadness.

 Introspection, all of it and just live with what it is, our soul mates must be there, wherever we are, whether separated from space, place and time, that is indeed life, the bitter sweetness of God has determined.
 "Be, and it is.... "
 {So, so be it}

 By loving, loving and having affectionate, understanding each other.

 God's promise is real !!!

 From the writer's description above, we must realize, we must not be drowned with sadness, on earth wherever you stand.
 With one blink of our eyes will surely meet and be united because of God, then that's when the yellow palm is upheld by the invitation take when the wedding reception is held and we will be united with beauty, beauty that we have never felt before, just enjoy it and what it is and don't  we say what is it, take it, I'm here waiting for you in your caresses, the warm smile of your lips and the beautiful look on your face, for you.
 Make Inspiration in the reading above, take the good side, from the author's short story.

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