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Recipe for Kerinci Tuna Curry Fish

Recipe for Delicious and Tasty Tuna Tuna Fish


 Goulash is a cuisine that is rich in herbs and tastes very tasty.  This time we will try the curry recipe using tuna.

 Tuna is one of the economical but delicious and high taste fish, its nutritional content is also quite good.  Let's try making this recipe ...

 Material :

 1 medium sized tuna fish (clean & cut into pieces)

 3 lemongrass (geprek)

 5 tablespoons of orange leaves

 1 tablespoon seafood broth

 1 lime fruit (squeeze & take the water)

 70 ml instant coconut milk (to taste)

 Enough water

 Oil for sauteing

 salt to taste

 Ground spices :

 10 pcs curly red chillies (to taste)

 5 pcs of cayenne pepper

 5 cloves of shallot

 3 cloves of garlic

 5 cm turmeric

 2 cm ginger

 3 cm laos

 2 btr candlenut

 1 teaspoon coriander

 Slightly burnt / dry shrimp paste

 How to make :

 Heat oil and saute ground spices, orange leaves, lemongrass until fragrant.

 Add the tuna, and enough water, then wait for it to boil.

 After that add coconut milk, broth, salt, stir and then give the lime juice, cook until cooked and remove from heat.

 Tuna curry fish is ready to be served.

 Good luck and enjoy it .. Hopefully this recipe can become one of your favorite curry recipes.

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