Senin, 23 Desember 2019

Teaching the sun love Sari To Jakarta


 This time the writer tries to make an article to develop imagination to be a reliable writer with a story that the writer experienced when he was still studying at one of the universities in Java six years ago.

 The author knows the figure of a girl who is so beautiful, and her skin is yellow, call it the name of the girl Sari, at that time Sari was also still studying at one of the universities in the city of Sumatra, at, namely Pharmacists, Sari knew various types of drugs.  medicine learned on campus.

 So after Sari's graduation, she continued her dream of going to Jakarta with the hope that future steps could be better.  It turned out that what Sari hoped was his hopes and dreams in Jakarta so Sari could graduate as a civil servant in one place in the city of Jakarta.

 Sari is a cute type and rather quiet in terms of her speech. Sari rarely talks if she doesn't need to because Sari is one of the genius girls from the City of Sumatra, Kerinci, Jambi, Indonesia, who can be so smooth that she can graduate at government agencies in Jakarta with her department knowing various  brand of medicines.

 A few months ago the author met with Sari, although a little embarrassed to see Sari getting older, and the writer met Sari in a few seconds.

 Sari is now a very mature girl with her specialty.  So that the author until now, can expect to meet with Sari, even though Sari is far in the city of Jakarta. The farther a person's distance is, it makes a very deep miss.

Until now the writer is still imagining, so that Sari can be reunited, maybe it's just an illusion of the writer but the writer tries to get to know Sari more deeply.

Indeed, that is the fruit of love, becoming an excerpt of a story that is expressed with feelings, if saved we will become sick, published, people will make it gossip. From far away in Jakarta, struggling with his life, leaving his hometown to find himself, becoming a career woman  in Jakarta, all the restless and depressed have disappeared, when he was first housed, his growth grew to become a city girl, who preserved the customs of his birth, became a stepping stone for young girls like sari. Sari became the jewel of the city, which was once a villager's grief.

 with everything slowly starting to appear the self of the woman who cites Sari, the dream girl of lips revealed, becomes an excerpt of the author's love story.

Love and feelings that exist in each soul, is the fruit of the spark of the phrase love itself, which is sometimes interpreted well sometimes also interpreted bad, in a story of two people who are separated between place, space and time. When the good side met, then he  will merge.

Mean it love with meaning that becomes a romantic nuance, insensitive by curses, that's the love that is attached to the writer for a girl named Sari, distance or near distance will not be a problem, because distance can eliminate the lips of people who  do not like, therefore absorb it with the deepest instinct in the heart that feels.

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