Kamis, 12 Desember 2019

Deep sorrow of the departure of activist Kerinci M.Alfadli Abbas

Kerinci, Thursday Thursday evening Kerinci was covered with sorrow with the departure of an influential activist figure who defended the rights and interests of the community, his departure also caused deep sorrow for M Fadli Abbas's friends and family more primarily to cause deep sorrow and grief for M. family  Alfadli Abbas breathed his last in the river city hospital full on the night at 07.45.00 WIB, his body was then taken to the residence of his wife in Rawang. He died at a very young age at the age of forty-six years.  allegedly, on Friday last week I had passed him and kissed his hand. I hope My Brother M.Fadlhi Abbas Husnul khotimah and we as the family left behind were given patience. News gathered on Friday 08.15.wib (12/13/12)  / 19).

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