Rabu, 29 Januari 2020

Nature, Life and love| Life sketch

Do you still remember when we were in elementary school guys, we saw the picture by our teacher in front of the class. This is what the kids say, the teacher shows the animals wriggling and makes the purchase of most of the snake students.  Another picture this time is a more beautiful animal and has colorful wings. For this one, what do our children answer? Butterflies, teacher. Do you know that children bring caterpillars, if they have become big butterflies, we are confused, how come?  animals that make us tickle and teeth. If it's already turned into a beautiful animal, our teacher begins to introduce metamorphosis, which is the change of animals from one species to the previous month, which metamorphoses it through a process of becoming a pupa or cocoon by fasting for days without eating and  drink then after going through a tiring and painful process, it comes out of a small hole and becomes a butterfly  ng fly beautifully but do you know that caterpillars go through a process that is almost similar to a small snake also through a hibernation process of fasting for days not eating and drinking little by little the snake skin peels off and becomes more beautiful skin more beautiful but still  alone he is a snake.

 Before fasting, he was disliked by people who were dangerous and frightening, and after he finished fasting, only the color of his skin changed while he remained a dangerous, fearful and unpopular animal.

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