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Recipes how to cook Spring meat frames Jambi By Not Melin|Kulinear Jambi

Jambi, delicious and delicious cuisine certainly has a good recipe too, Buk Melina is one of the housewives and is among the best cooks and Buk Melina also works at a government agency in the City of Prov.  Jambi he is very good at cooking.  Both in how to choose and mix the spices that will be served to His guests.

  Melin this time presents how to recipe Balado Balinese Spicy meat Balinese cuisine with its delicious, spicy and delicious taste by preparing some of the spices that are served.

 With the intention that the food served can taste good when tasted by the guests who visit his residence.

  Melin  explores with detailed recipes Balado Meat Spicy Ala Kerinci Jambi, first of all that needs to be prepared said  Melin in the form of sufficient ingredients.

 ‌ His Ingredients
 √ Beef part 1kg, and leave the meat intact
 √ 1 lemon, and squeeze out the water
 √ Cooking oil

Boiling water MEAT
 1,5 1.5 liter water
 √ Garlic 5 cloves, and puree
 √ 5 sheets of orange leaf
 √ Lemongrass 3 sticks, bruised
 √ 3 bay leaves
 √ Turmeric leaves 2 pieces, torn, and concluded
 Halus 1 tsp fine salt

 ‌Spicy sauce (SPICY IRIS)
 √ 250 gr red chili (Remove the seeds)
 √ 250 gr curly red chili (Remove the seeds)
 √ 200 gr red tomatoes
 √ 20 onions
 √ Garlic 10 cloves

 First: Boil the meat with all the ingredients until it is tender and the water runs out, remove, cool and cut the stew with the size of 5 × 6 cm, 1/2 cm thick, following the direction of His fiber, beat until flattened and wide.

 Second: Fried gradually in a lot of oil and heat, medium to dry meat, Remove and then drain.

 Third: Sambal Balado heat 4 tablespoons of cooking oil, saute all ingredients until fragrant and half cooked.  Lift, drain.  Mash the stir-fry seasoning with 2 teaspoons of salt and 1.5 teaspoons of sugar. Set aside.

 Fourth: Heat 6 tablespoons of cooking oil, saute coarse spices until stir until fragrant and cooked.  Add lime juice, stir well, reduce heat.  Add the fried meat while stirring until the meat is wrapped in seasoning, remove from heat and serve.

  For 10 servings, try the Buk Melin Kerinci Cuisine reset dish from Jambi.

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