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Thipes of plants that can be raised with Hedroponics|How to grow crops is good

 Types of Plants that Can Be Cultivated by Hydroponics - So it is certain that a number of plants can be planted using a method without soil media or a hydroponic growing system.  This hydroponic plant can be cultivated at home.  Therefore, hydroponics are now widely chosen for those who want to grow crops, but do not have land or are lazy to leave the house.  This hydroponic system can be done in front of the house, beside the house, or behind the house.  One of the advantages of this hydroponic growing system is that it does not need soil.  Soil, which functions as a medium to dissolve nutrients to be absorbed by plants, is replaced by other media in the hydroponic system.  However, the main factor remains in the nutrient solution.  If it is true we can grow crops with a hydroponic system at home.

 Simple Technique for Growing Hydroponic Vegetables

 The following are some plants that have been commonly grown by hydroponics

 - Lettuce.  Lettuce is considered to be one of the best choices if you want to grow vegetables with a hydroponic system.  Moreover, lettuce does not require too much attention so that it can flourish and can be harvested by means of hydroponics.  When lettuce seedlings are sown, in less than two weeks the seeds will grow two leaves.
 Only then will it be transferred to the main growing media to be drained with water and nutrient solutions for rapid growth.  Fast growth and fast harvest.  When the outside of the leaf is cut, the inside will grow again quickly to replace it.

 - Green Leafy Vegetables (spinach, kale, mustard greens).  The next type of hydroponic plant is green leafy vegetables.  Similar to lettuce plants, most types of vegetables whose leaves are green can also grow well using a hydroponic system.  Some types of green leafy vegetables that you can plant with the hydroponic system include spinach, kale, mustard greens, and so on.  However, you should pay attention to the green leafy vegetable plants so that growth is not too large, because it will interfere with air circulation.
 The time it takes to harvest green leafy vegetables is fairly fast, namely on the 26th day to the 29th day.  If more than 29 days the taste of vegetables can be bitter.

 - Cucumber.  it is also one of the most widely planted hydroponic plants.  But cucumbers need extra attention than the previous two types of plants.  The more the problem is the place, because cucumber definitely needs a wider place.  Now, if you know that, of course you can grow the vegetables you need and harvest them yourself every few weeks.  Thus you can save expenses, right?  But there are a few more things that you need to consider in the treatment of several types of hydroponic plants earlier.  Among them is the incoming sunlight and absorbed by plants should not be too excessive and direct sunlight is not recommended.  Well, this is what makes growing plants hydroponically as troublesome as caring for babies.
 There are many aspects that must be considered properly.

 Besides the plants above, the following types of plants that can be cultivated for hydroponic plants Some plants that are often grown hydroponically, are vegetables such as tub choy, broccoli, mustard greens, spinach, spinach, kale, tomatoes, onions, even strawberries, etc.

 Such plants are often the first choice for vegans / vegetarians who are very concerned about the process of a plant whether there is the killing of living things, mixed with chemical elements, environmental conservation and greening efforts

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